• Market & social research –
  • Performance Guarantee – Sometimes things go awry – not often but sometimes here you need your partner who will stake their business on doing what is necessary to make it right.
  • Responsiveness – At times you want answers you expect them fast with quality. You will find our response team at your service whenever you need them. May be at very short notice.
  • Pricing –Value for money is our byword. This means more than just being competitive; it also means providing alternative solutions that may fit your budget whilst still achieving the required outcome.
  • Loyalty-For us this means repeat business & building a deeper & cohesive relation with our clients.
  • Solutions not problems– If required we support our   clients with solutions .With our broad experience & expertise in the field we can work with our clients to optimize the outcome within a usual constraints.
  • Unbiased Information– We fully understand that information gathered is just not a data but a tool on the basis of which significant decisions are made, so we take utmost care to gather unbiased information.
  • Independence– Independence is often in short supply within the research industry only a fieldwork specialist with no conflict of interest can truly off completely objective service.

We have 25 + years of expertise Market Research: Social Research: Political Research and Healthcare/Pharma Research:
▪ Data Collection ▪ Online/Offline ▪ Interpretation ▪ Transcription ▪ CATI/CAWI and CAPI ▪ FGD
▪ IDI ▪ CLT ▪ Telephonic Survey

Market Promotions –

               MPFS offers innovative branding solutions backed by well planned strategy integrating a plethora of branding channels to boost up your brand.

  • Always on time– We are aware of the value of time in business, We believe that businesses that utilize good time management are better positioned to consistently deliver their product, or service, on-time. Good time management also means that a business is able to solve problems that arise without it significantly impacting day-to-day operations.
  • Team WorkWorking together saves time and provides everyone with more energy to focus on getting the job done. By getting your employees to work as a team, you can improve the productivity levels of everyone present. You can actualize innovative ideas with more efficiency, making the importance of teamwork clear. Research shows that collaborative problem solving leads to better outcomes.
  • Originality In a competitive market, finding a differentiator is vital to gaining an advantage over your competitors, and by using originality in every aspect of your business, you can gain a distinctive edge.
  • Networking Networking means building connections with other professionals. Networking should always be beneficial to both parties. The reasons why networking is important to include a better reputation, increased visibility, a stronger support network, improved business growth, and more impactful connections.
  • PassionPassion is the foundation of a strong business. It gives you the momentum to keep going even when times get hard and builds your business even higher when times are good. Never underestimate a person with a vision and passion for it.
  • Resourceful-the ability and creativity to cope with difficult situations, or unusual problems. It is about problem-solving and getting things done in the face of obstacles and constraints.

Our acitivities –

  • Hoarding – Usage of hoarding or billboard is one of the age-old and most popular marketing methods. Big hoardings always is eye catching and has considerable affect
  • .Outdoor Advertising – Such as billboards, advertising Unipole advertising posters, walls, bus and rail media, specialty signage and more will surely cater to clients need. We deal in B2B, B2C & corporate branding jobs. Also we organize promotional services for exhibitions and events
  • Pole Kiosks -The pole kiosk is an effective medium of outdoor advertising. They are target-centric, cost-effective leaving a lasting impression among the viewers. They also lead the customers to the actual business location. It is one of the most popular marketing techniques.
  • Flex banner – Flex banners are still considered to be the most popular outdoor advertising strategy. The two chief reasons for such popularity are its cost-effectiveness.
  • Activity Vans & Mobile Vans – Has become one of the most sought after promotional techniques. It catches the attraction of the masses.