• Market & social research primary data collection services – both  telephonic, face to face,CAPI & CATI
  • Large scale survey operations management of data collection, processing tasks  and project integration services across multiple methodologies and geographic locations.
  • The provision of technical & statistical consulting to support designs and methodology – related decisions.
  • The coding, tabulation, management & presentation of data.
  • Market & social research field work services – both  telephonic, face to face,CAPI & CATI

Why us

  • Performance Guarantee – Sometimes things go awry – not often but sometimes here you need your partner who will stake their business on doing what is necessary to make it right.
  • Responsiveness – At times you want answers you expect them fast with quality. You will find our response team at your service whenever you need them. May be at very short notice.
  • Pricing –Value for money is our byword. This means more than just being competitive; it also means providing alternative solutions that may fit your budget whilst still achieving the required outcome.
  • Loyalty-For us this means repeat business & building a deeper & cohesive relation with our clients.
  • Solutions not problems– If required we support our   clients with solutions .With our broad experience & expertise in the field we can work with our clients to optimize the outcome within a usual constraints. 
  • Unbiased Information– We fully understand that information gathered is just not a data but a tool on the basis of which significant decisions are made, so we take utmost care to gather unbiased information.
  • Independence– Independence is often in short supply within the research industry only a fieldwork specialist with no conflict of interest can truly off completely objective service.

We have 25 + years of expertise Market Research: Social Research: Political Research and Healthcare/Pharma Research:
▪ Data Collection ▪ Online/Offline ▪ Interpretation ▪ Transcription ▪ CATI/CAWI and CAPI ▪ FGD
▪ IDI ▪ CLT ▪ Telephonic Survey